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Kids Bikes

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Kids Bikes

Kids bikes from top brands online

Finding the right bike for children is not easy. When buying, you should not only pay attention to high-quality materials and brands, but also to the right size. You can recognise a good children's bicycle by its age-appropriate ergonomics and equipment. Children's bicycles are available with different wheel sizes that are measured in inches. It is important not to buy the bike too big, because your child should feel comfortable on the bike.

The right size for a children's bicycle

Finding the right size is relatively easy. The body size is less important. The most accurate measuring method is to measure the inside leg length. You can find out exactly how to do this in our blog entry The right size for a children's bike.

Bicycles from three years - 12 to 16 inches

After the wheel, the next step is a bike for children from three years of age. The ideal wheel size is between 12 and 14 inches. The important thing about the first wheel is that it is light. That's why we have especially light bikes from Woom, Pyrobike, Frog Bikes, KUbikes, Early Rider and Kokua. A fully enclosed chain guard, a padded impact protection on the handlebars and safety steering handles are also advantageous. Support wheels and a back-pedalling brake are no longer required. A handbrake and only one gear without gearshift are perfect and suitable for children.

Bicycles for children from six years - 20 to 24 inches

When your child is about six years old, he or she is ready for cycling tours with the families. With the right bike it can keep up with the parents. Children's bicycles from 20 to 24 inches are ideal. In this age group, the inner leg length can vary greatly and ranges from 52 to 62 centimeters. The Frog bikes even come with a second set of tyres.

Youth bicycles from 11 years - 26 to 27,5 inch

When the kids are slowly growing up, they are also on tour with friends. They are then ready for youth bicycles with 26 to 27.5 inches. In addition to a gear shift, they also have suspension forks with damping, disc brakes and a light frame on board. The first rough trails as well as long tours can now be done with your children. Specialized also has the first mountain bikes in this category.

High-quality brands and manufacturers of children's and youth bicycles

Extra light bikes are especially suitable for children. These are produced exclusively by high-quality brands and manufacturers from Germany and Europe. In the BIKEBOX Onlineshop you will find bikes of the following brands.

Woom Bikes

The Austrian manufacturer Woom Bikes is located in Klosterneuenburg near Vienna. Woom produces particularly light, ergonomic and safe Kids Bikes with great attention to detail. The bicycles are designed with the idea of turning children into self-confident cyclists. With a weight of 5.3 kilograms, the Woom 2 is the lightest children's bicycle in the world. The individual models build on each other. The Woom 3 is ideal for children from three years of age. After that comes the Woom 4, which is already equipped with 20 inch tyres and 8-speed gearshift. The 24-inch Woom 5 and the 26-inch Woom 6 are already real youth bikes. They are available in the children-friendly colours blue, green, red, purple and yellow.

Scools (formerly Coolproducts)

Cut children's bicycles of the Scool brand are available as running and bicycles in 14 inch wheel sizes for children from the age of three. The saddle and handlebars are continuously height-adjustable, the lightweight aluminium frame and handlebars are fitted with protective padding, and the bicycle frame is ergonomically shaped. In addition, the wheel has a pre-assembled back pedal and handbrake and offers the child compact protection with the help of a steering lock limiter.


The LIKEtoBIKE brand offers sturdy children's bicycles with extensive equipment. 16 inch wheels with aluminium frame on the whole bike, a child-friendly, comfortable saddle and a handlebar with easily adjustable handlebar height. The bottom bracket bearings have a chain guard ring, the brake handles are adjustable and both a back-pedal and a handbrake are integrated. These bikes are suitable for children from the age of four.


The shop of BIKEBOX also serves with bikes from Puky. We offer high quality bikes for children between three and four years of age. The product characteristics of these compact children's bicycles are varied and very well tailored to the child's needs. Puky bikes stand out for their low weight, long service life and child-friendly design. The 12-inch tyres, the drive and pedals are ball bearing mounted, the handlebars are padded to protect the child and the frame leads downwards for easier entry. The wheels have front and rear reflectors as well as a sonorous bell. In addition, support wheels are attached to the side of the machine, which support the child in the event of unbalance.