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evoc Bike Travel Bag XL 320l Model 2018

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evoc Bike Travel Bag XL 320l Model 2018

Product description

Are you looking for a bike travel bag for transporting Plusbikes and Fatbikes? Here it is: The wheel carrier bag EVOC BIKE TRAVEL BAG XK 320l model 2018! Whether in airplane, train or car: you have packed your bike in the shortest time super-safe. Just remove the handlebars, pedals and wheels - done!

The bike transport bag EVOC BIKE TRAVEL BAG XL offers in contrast to its "smaller brothers" space for most fat bikes and plus bikes. Look forward to inner values such as the separate wheel compartments and the variable frame fixing equipment.

Conclusion: With this Travel Bag XL Travel Bag from EVOC, your bike is safely on its way to the coolest trail on this planet.

Comfort and safety features  des evoc Bike Travel Bag XL

evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro

Skate rolls

for many bicycle types

separate wheel compartments

Maximum protection

Product features

Verstärkte Gabelaufnahme

Reinforced fork support

The fork is additionally fixed to a hard foam block with 2 buckles and a padding; a specially reinforced plastic plate protects the fork ends. This creates a double protection.

Separate,seitliche Laufradtaschen

2 separate, lateral wheel bags

Pressure from the outside is dissipated via tube struts on tyres and rims as well as evenly on the entire side surface of the bag, so that even the brake discs cannot bend. Several plastic plates on both sides prevent the impeller axles from being pushed through.


Extra-wide chassis with additional carrying handle

An impact-resistant chassis with smooth running, soft skater wheels ensures safe transport and prevents tipping over. The additional carrying handle enables safe lifting during loading.

Maximaler Schutz Bei minimalem Gewicht

Maximum protection at minimum weight

The sensitive areas are optimally protected by sensible reinforcing elements (hard plastic/PE plates and pipes, foam padding) at the neuralgic points. Due to the upright positioning of the frame in the pocket, the load-bearing areas of the bicycle are actively used to dissipate external pressure (saddle, seat post, rear end, stem, head tube, fork).

The wheel bags and the main weight of the frame are located in the rear part of the bag, so that the entire centre of gravity is shifted to the wide, stable chassis during transport.

The BIKE TRAVEL BAG XL 320l is very easy to pull and a large number of conveniently placed handles makes handling during loading easier. The dimensions of the Bike Travel Bag are dimensioned in such a way that almost every bike model can be packed easily and safely - no matter if it is a large downhill bike with a double bridge fork, a 29mm bike or a filigree triathlon bike.


  • Woven PE
    Air Mesh is equipped with pore-like penetrations that allow optimal air circulation. The fine structure, however, prevents the absorption of moisture. This characteristic makes it the perfect upper material for the back parts of our backpacks.
  • Tarpaulin
  • P600 D PU coated
    A very robust fabric for areas subject to high wear and tear. In addition, it is tear-resistant and lightweight and absorbs almost no moisture. Combined with these properties, it is the ideal material for highly stressed bags or the bottoms of bags and backpacks.


  • business card pocket
  • Interchangeable skater rollers (easy running, low-noise)
  • T-Zipper Puller
  • Lockable Zipper
  • 29" Wheel Compartment
  • foldable
  • Fits: most Fatbike and Plusbike bikes
  • Clip-On Wheel
  • Colapsible to: 143 x 42 x 84 cm
  • Maximum Wheelbase: 125 cm (130 cm without handlebar and fork protection block)
  • For the transport of racing and triathlon bikes you need a ROAD BIKE ADAPTER, ROAD BIKE ALUMINIUM STAND or BIKE STAND

Video of evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro - general model

Technical details

  • Capacity: 320 litre
  • Weight: 9600 g
  • Dimensions: 143 x 42 x 84 cm (inside: 134 x 39 x 79 cm)
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