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evoc CC 6l backpack + 2l Hydration Bladder Model 2018

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evoc CC 6l backpack + 2l Hydration Bladder Model 2018

Are you looking for a bike backpack for short tours and fast laps? However, a hydration system intake should still be included? Then take a closer look at the bike backpack evoc CC 6 + 2l Hydration Bladder. It comes from the LITE PERFORMANCE BACKPACKS series and weighs just 525 grams. Note: The model shown here is delivered with a 2l evoc Hydration bladder.

This performance backpack provides lots of action and movement. Thanks to the perfect fit, you almost don't even feel like wearing a bike backpack. The Evoc backpack inspires with robust materials. N100 D Box Ripstop PU coated, to name just one processed material, convinces with its low weight and high stability.

Due to its small size the evoc CC 6l + 2l Bladder has to do without some features of its "bigger brothers". However, the equipment includes a key clip, eyeglass compartment and card compartment. You don't have to forego comfort: The Air Pad System provides pleasant ventilation of the back.

For the optimal adjustment of the shoulder straps of the CC 6l + 2l Hydration bladder to your shoulder width, this bike backpack has the so-called Brace Link. You will feel the effect immediately on the first test: The flexible alignment leads to a good load distribution on the body's centre of gravity. In addition, the contact surface to the back and shoulders is minimized.

Comfort and safety features of the evoc CC 6l + 2l Hydration Bladder

evoc CC 3L

Maximum back ventilation

Adjustment of the shoulder straps

Hydration bladder yet included in delivery

6 litre capacity


Product features

Air Tune System

Air Tune System

The lightest back system for our lightest backpacks. The AIR TUNE SYSTEM offers minimal contact area and maximum back ventilation for applications in the performance range.
Ventilation channels,3D-Air Mesh Padding and shoulder straps with ventilation openings are the features for maximum breathability when hunting for seconds or just a little bit more comfort.

air circulation

Air Circulation

In addition, the upholstery in the side back areas has been reduced to further optimize airflow.



  • 3D Air Mesh
    This three-dimensional structured fabric with different thread thicknesses (P75D*30D) offers optimal ventilation and cushioning properties for back and shoulder straps.
  • Air Mesh
    Air Mesh is equipped with pore-like penetrations that allow optimal air circulation. The fine structure, however, prevents the absorption of moisture. This characteristic makes it the perfect upper material for the back parts of our backpacks.
  • P600 D PU coated
    A very robust fabric for areas subject to high wear and tear. In addition, it is tear-resistant and lightweight and absorbs almost no moisture. Combined with these properties, it is the ideal material for highly stressed bags or the bottoms of bags and backpacks.
  • N100 D Box PU coated
    A fabric with a low dead weight, which is characterised by its high stability. Ideal for products that are supplied with heavy duty, but where every gram counts. The quadratic ripstop weave also increases the stability of the material many times over.


  • Air Circulation
  • Air Pad System
  • Backlight Clip
  • Shelf for mobile phone
  • Key clip
  • Signal Pipe
  • Eyeglass compartment
  • prepared to Hydration System
  • Hydration Clip
  • Map compartment

Technical details

  • Capacity: 6 litre
  • Weight: 525 g
  • Dimensions: 22 x 44 x 6 cm
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