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Britax Römer

Britax Römer Baby-Safe i-Size - Baby Seat with Isofix Flex Base

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Britax Römer Baby-Safe i-Size - Baby Seat with Isofix Flex Base

Product Information

The Baby-Safe i-Size from Britax Römer consists of the baby carrier and the appropriate Isofix Flex-Base. 

The application is very simple: the baby seat snaps into the base with a click-through clasp. With Isofix or alternatively the 3-point-belt of your car you can then secure it to the car seat.

With separately available Click & Go adapters you can expand the function of the seat and in no time it becomes a practical travel system. The Baby-Safe grows with your child: as it gets bigger, the newborn insert can be removed and the headrest can be increased. This keeps the seat comfortable even for larger babies and toddlers.

The i-size FlexBase belonging to the set ensures real innovation in terms of comfort. It can be adjusted to the inclination of the car seat and prevents the baby seat from being positioned too steeply. This keeps babies' heads - even in deep sleep - safely in the seat and your child wakes up from his nap refreshed.

Why i-Size?

One of the innovations of i-Size is the mandatory reversed travel for children up to 15 months. Safety goes even further, however, because children can travel backwards for up to 4 years. Their heads is much heavier in relation to the total body weight than in adults. Therefore, in the case of an impact, the cervical vertebral column must be protected. The backward facing position assures this.

Comfort and safety features of the Britax Römer Baby-Safe i-size


Patented technology: flat reclining position

Newborn inlay for extra support and comfort

i-size approval

Side impact protection technology (SICT)

Protective sun canopy

Headrest and harness adjustable together

Removable padded cover

Fastening with 3-point belt or ISOFIX

Product Features of the Baby-Safe

  • i-size Approval: Reverse-oriented driving from birth up to approx. 83cm body size, max. 13 kg
  • Can be used up to 15 months
  • Only backward facing attachment
  • Flex-Base adapts the seat inclination and position individually
  • 5-point belt with wide shoulder pads for safe and comfortable driving
  • Headrest and harness adjustable together
  • Seat angle can be adjusted together with the height of the headrest: the larger the child, the more upright the sitting position
  • Sun canopy with light protection factor 50: lateral attachment for comfortable carrying by handle
  • Click & Go System: The Baby-Safe i-Size is released from the Isofix base by pushing a button on the upper edge of the baby's baby bowl - can be released and lifted out upright
  • Detachable and washable seat cover
  • Weight: approx. 4.8 kg

Product Features of the ISOFIX Flex Base

  • Optimal inclination and position - regardless of the angle of the vehicle seat
  • Easily adjustable in 4 positions
  • Warning function with color hint when set too low
  • Direct connection with body by Isofix Easy snap-in click
  • Additional stability by supporting leg and rebounding plate
  • Easy removal at the push of a button
  • Dimensions collapsed: (HxWxD) 23x44x66 cm
  • Dimensions unfolded: (HxWxD) approx. 72x44x64 cm
  • Weight: approx. 8.7 kg


  • Age group: 0 - 13 kg, app. 0 - 15 months
  • Approval: i-Size (ECE R129)
  • Mounting: Isofix
  • Direction: Reverse only
  • Isofix Fastening: With Flexbase
  • Dimensions: 58 x 44 x 67 cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
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