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Wishbone Wagon Handcart

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Wishbone Wagon Handcart

The Wishbone Wagon guarantees fun and games for your little ones. Use this new classic in three different ways. You can push the car in front of you or pull it behind you. Your darling can also use it as a soap box for small hills. Thanks to the steering wheel your child goes where it wants to go. To use the car as a handcart, you can simply remove the steering wheel. 

You can fold down parts of the floor so your darling can run along and set the pace. The handcart is very stable. Its air-filled tires allow you to ride on any surface. The cart is suitable for children between one and ten years of age. You can transport a maximum of 50 kilos in it.

Let your imagination run wild. The cart can be used as a freight cart or as a transporter for the kids, as a racing car or as a spaceship. There is a limitless diversity of ideas. For several hours children can explore these many options and have fun playing with the cart of the New Zealand company Wishbone Design Studios

You are looking for a walking bike for your darling? Then have a look at the walking bikes by Wishbone. You will find not only cool wheels, but also the right accessories and clothing.

Comfort and safety features of the Wishbone wagon


3-in-1 cart: push, pull or drive

removable steering wheel

air filled tires

fun on all surfaces

removable bottom

for children between 1 and 10 years

up to max. 50 kg

fun and games for the whole family

Product features

  • you can push or pull the cart
  • your children can use the cart as a soapbox
  • many combination options
  • 3-in-1 modes for the car
  • removable, working steering wheel
  • air filled tires for fun on any surface
  • removable floor
  • very stable
  • fun and games for the whole family

Additional Information

The beginnings

The history of Wishbone Design Studios begins in 2005 in New York. The New Zealand family of four lived there for a while. The first bike was created at the request of the children to show them how their parents' childhood was. The first prototypes were made in the bathroom by Jen and Rich. After that, the family relocated their production to a garage in Wellington, right up to the current studio. Now there are other great things made there as well.

The company philosophy

The family's goal with their designs is delivering a positive environmental outcome that alters the experience and brings people closer together. The learning process of the children is analyzed in detail. With only one stroke, it replaces with its many uses a whole range of products the child can no longer use after a very short time. Not with the products of Wishbone!

The objective is to create products that change your thinking and acting a little bit. Taking you outside more and keeping your child is busy for a long time. You can use the products for all your children. If something breaks, you and your darling can fix it together. Isn't that a great idea?

Wishbone toys are made sustainably, grow along with the children, are durable and, for these reasons, can be used for a long time.

Sustainability Performance

Wishbone Design Studios strives for social, ethical and environmental sustainability in everything they do. Be it the raw materials, the production site or the support of others - everything is based on a sustainable model. This sustainability performance is to be improved from year to year.


  • Age recommendation: 1 - 10 years
  • Max. load: 50kg
  • Made in New Zealand
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