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Specialized Tahoe MTB shoe

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Specialized Tahoe MTB shoe

With the Specialized Tahoe MTB shoe you get a shoe that is suitable for biking and hiking. It is designed for efficient pedaling and safe and comfortable off-road walking. 

The SlipNot™ outsole provides superior grip on roots and stones with a strong rubber compound and grip profile. The Lollipop™ stiffener in the sole provides direct power transmission.

The MTB and touring shoes are encased in a softly cushioning EVA material, which provides a high level of cushioning and running comfort. Together with the body geometry you will experience high comfort for many hours.

The footbed and the Body Geometry outsole are ergonomically designed and medically tested. This favours a clean, vertical pedaling movement. Performance and well-being are increased and injuries are prevented. 

The Relaxed Fit combines good power transmission and high running comfort. Lacelock™ lace fastening keeps the laces away from the chainrings. The reinforcement in the toe and heel area makes the shoe resistant to premature wear.

Comfort and safety features of the Specialized Tahoe MTB shoe

for biking and hiking

adhesive rubber compound

handy profile

SlipNot™ outsole

superior grip

gentle damping

high wearing comfort 

ergonomically designed and medically tested

Product features

  • suitable for biking and hiking
  • Efficient pedaling and safe and comfortable off-road walking 
  • the SlipNot™ outsole provides superior grip on roots and stones with a strong rubber compound and grip profile
  • Lollipop™ stiffening in the sole ensures direct power transmission
  • Surrounded by a softly damping EVA material
  • Body geometry
  • high comfort over many hours
  • ergonomically designed and medically tested
  • clean and vertical foot movement
  • Increases performance and well-being and prevents injuries
  • SlipNot™ rubber compound ensures ideal contact with the pedal
  • Rigid lollipop™ inner plate for efficient pedaling; EVA embedding in EVA material provides high damping and running comfort
  • The Relaxed Fit combines good power transmission and high running comfort
  • Lacelock™ lace fastening keeps laces away from chainrings
  • The reinforcement in the toe and heel area makes the shoe resistant to premature wear and tear.
  • Weight/shoe: approx. 350 g (size 42)

Additional information

Body Geometry Technology

For the driver, the Specialized shoes combine unbeatable performance and more noticeable advantages. According to a study by the University of Manchester (GB),"even the slightest mistake in the alignment of the lower limbs can lead to knee and hip problems - and, more importantly, even cost performance". Specialized therefore conducts bicycle-specific investigations and analyses. The aim is to avoid problems and imbalances in the forefoot area during the entire pedal movement. 

In the course of this research work, it turned out that a correction measure such as Specializeds Varus-Keil leads to a performance increase of 3 to 10%. Body Geometry is a proven technology that helps increase speed, efficiency and comfort. So it's no coincidence that more than 150 Pro Tour athletes ride Specialized shoes with BG technology.

Body geometry Varus wedge

By nature, the human foot is slightly bent for walking and running. When pedaling, this angular position can lead to a rotational movement of the knee, shin and/or foot which causes the arch of the foot to collapse. Drive efficiency may be impaired and knee pain may occur. Specialized integrates a Varus wedge into the outsole of the body geometry shoes to prevent pain. The foot is raised inside by 1.5mm. Foot, knee and hip are thus better aligned to each other, resulting in greater efficiency and comfort.

Body Geometry Midfoot Support and High Peformance Footbeds

A shoe that is too tight compresses nerves and arteries between the long metatarsal bones, which can cause foot burning or numbness in the forefoot. The BG metatarsal support in Specializeds BG High Performance footbeds lifts and spreads the metatarsal bones and counteracts this. 

Technical specifications

  • Brand: Specialized
  • Color: Black Grey
  • model year: 2018
  • Material: Sole: Composite material
  • Weight/shoe: approx. 350 g (size 42)
  • Only standard: Compatible with all common MTB pedal systems
  • Sex: Men
  • Purpose: Training, leisure time
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