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Wishbone Pre-Bike 3-in-1 Walking Bike

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Wishbone Pre-Bike 3-in-1 Walking Bike

You are looking for a bike that grows with the child? With the Wishbone Pre-Bike, your treasure can start driving earlier and use it longer than traditional bikes. It impresses with a beautiful and sustainable design. The product has won several awards. With this bike, your child will have fun from 12 months to the age of five.

In the first phase your child starts with three wheels and learns to walk. This variety can be used between the first and the third year of life. Then the bike is transformed into a balance bike with two wheels. You use this when your child is between two and four years old. In the last phase, between four and five years, the frame is turned and the seat raised. The bike grows and adapts to your child. For more color you can design the bike with the Wishbone Seatcover or the Wishbone Grips as you like.

The 3-in-1 bike has everything you need for your child. You get a baby walker, a toddler trike and a small or large balance bike. The unique, threefold adjustability allows you to find the perfect solution for every size and development stage between 12 months to five years. You'd like a suitable cart? The Wishbone Wagon is suitable for more fun and games. 

You'll receive the 3-in-1 bike in untreated wood. Experience your child in action and see how much fun it has with Wishbone. You do not want a bike made of wood? Then check out the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition. It is made of old carpets and can be handled like the 3-in-1 wooden bike. 

Comfort and safety features of the Wishbone Pre-Bike


Available in several varieties

for use between 12 months and 5 years

beautiful, sustainable design

multiple awards

grows along

your child learns to walk and keep the balance

natural wood

action and lots of fun!

Product features

  • 3-in-1 Bike: Baby walker, Toddler Trike, small or large Balance Bike
  • Your child learns to walk and to balance
  • The bike made of sustainable materials grows along
  • Received several awards
  • Natural wood
  • Start earlier and use longer
  • Age recommendation: between 12 months and 5 years
  • Fun and action guaranteed

Additional Information

The beginnings

The first Wishbone bikes are made in 2005 in a small bathroom in New York. There, Rich, the father of a New Zealand family of four, designs his first ideas. At the request of his children, he comes up with the idea of ​​designing bikes. They wanted to see what their parents' childhood was like. The collection of ideas in the bathroom was outsourced to a garage in Wellington. Today, the production continues in Wellington in a larger studio where other great things are made as well.

Company philosophy

The family is very concerned about the environment. Therefore, Wishbone toys are designed in a special way, to communicate a positive environmental result. Experiences should be changed and people brought closer together. Sustainability is the top priority. The learning process of the children is carefully analyzed so that the products are optimally adapted to them. The products of Wishbone replace with their many varieties of use other products, which can be used only for a limited time. The toys at Wishbone are designed for a long life and grow with you.

Your thoughts and actions should be changed and schooled by the products. Wishbone articles motivate you and your family to spend time outside. If something breaks, you can fix it together. Imagine the bright children's eyes! Shared time and independently repaired something. That will be a tale to tell in kindergarten.

The consumption of different products should be reduced by making the products durable and long-lasting. In addition, they are 100% repairable. Each part can be ordered later. The products grow thanks to their adjustability.

Sustainability performance

Wishbone Design Studios stands for social, ethical and environmental sustainability in everything they do. Raw materials, production sites or the support of others are scrutinized. The performance of sustainability is to be improved year by year.


  • Age recommendation: 12 months - 5 years
  • Adjustable seat height: 28 - 46 cm
  • Weight Bike: 3,8kg
  • Weight Trike: 5,4kg
  • Pump tire: app. 4,7cm
  • Material: dried birchwood free of preservatives, organic cotton and recycled packaging
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Safety standard compliance for: US, EU, Australia and New Zealand
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