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tout terrain
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tout terrain Singletrailer kids bike trailer
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tout terrain

Tout terrain kids bike trailers

For mothers and fathers who like to cycle a lot, the child trailers from Tout Terrain are regarded as the "Mercedes among the child trailers". All child hangers are very robustly manufactured, so that nothing wobbles, jerks or is unsafe while driving. Thanks to their excellent ergonomics, the small children sit very comfortably, either in a single or double seat. Through a casing with hard plastic, on the one hand, no rain can get through and on the other hand, this casing offers protection in case of falls or accidents.

What is special about Tout Terrain?

Every child's pendant is stable, durable and of the highest quality. The trailer is spring-loaded, so that the little ones are not jumbled up and can enjoy the ride comfortably. The trailers for one child each are designed in such a way that they can be comfortably driven on the usual bicycle paths. The pendant does not get stuck on the right or left, but is only so wide that it can be present on all usual ways. The Tout Terrain singletrailer trailer is suitable for city bikes, mountain bikes and racing bicycles as it can be easily mounted on any bicycle. These children's trailers have been designed in such a way that they can easily be carried on the road.

Product features

Cycling is like sliding on rails. The trailers are designed to be comfortable and effective. The trailer can be adjusted to the child's weight by means of a high-quality air strut. The interior is variably adjustable and provides a cover for wet or cold weather. Through the large panoramic windows, the child can always see where he or she is and enjoys an exciting journey. The crash-resistant cage is extremely stable and protects the child inside. A height-adjustable 5-point safety belt ensures that the child stays securely fastened in his or her seat. The bright colours and reflective stripes ensure that the Tout Terrain child's pendant cannot be overlooked even in the dark. The weight of the single trailer is only 9.5 kg, making it easy to transport and install.