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Burley Solo 2017 Kids Bike Trailer
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Burley Solo 2017 Kids Bike Trailer
699,00 € 349,00 €*

Burley Solo kids bike trailer

The Burley Solo is the sporty single-seater among Burley's kids bike trailers. It is the sporty version of the successful D' Lite concept, which has already been fun for many children and parents. The Solo is a bicycle trailer of the extra class and repeatedly chosen by the ADAC as the safest child trailer. It is considered to be a model for safety, comfort and functionality that children will love once they are seated in it.

Suitable bicycle trailer for every occasion

The Burley Solo is equipped with an adjustable suspension, which increases comfort for the child. No matter if rough pavement or forest path, the perfectly adjusted spring suspension lets children sit comfortably even over long distances. The trailer has a wide interior, which also provides enough space for two children and so there are plenty of possibilities for long trips. The possible additional load is possible up to a maximum of 60 kg plus child. A shopping tour with the family is not only possible due to the large storage space, but is also improved by the possibility of an additional handle that quickly turns the bicycle trailer into a buggy. Children are best protected from the sun during the tour or shopping trip because the side windows are tinted and protect against harmful UV radiation. The Burley Solo is also equipped with additional rear aeration to provide the most comfortable air circulation.

Protection and Security

Protecting the child inside is the most important thing about Burley Solo. Thanks to the waterproof material, it can also be used in rain, and the zippers are also waterproof so that the little passenger does not catch cold. The revised parking brake should be applied during breaks. This hinders rolling away, which can be particularly annoying in case of routes with height differences. It can be easily mounted on the bike and with an additional wheel it turns into a buggy. The combi-hood is equipped with an integrated sunroof that can be individually adjusted according to the position of the sun. Reflectors are mounted around the hood to draw attention to the Burley Solo even in the dark. The 20"spoke wheels are attached with the push-button fixing. The easy assembly allows easy cleaning of the components. Both wheels and frames are made of aluminium and reduce the weight of the Burley Solo. Nothing stands in the way of a pleasant journey.

If the child is not to come along and the trailer is used for transport, the height-adjustable backrest can be removed and expands the cubic capacity. The cushions for straps and seat are also removable. Within the bicycle trailer can be divided between the transport space and the child seat.