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Tandem Hitch

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Tandem Hitch

Tadem Hitch for bikes

The tandem hitch is a device to attach the child's bike to your own bicycle. It allows you to safely manoeuvre your bike and its attachment through dense traffic and to make an exit off the roads without a tandem clutch. Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC found the tandem clutch to be recommendable in 2010 with grades of 2.5 and GUT, respectively.

Safe cycling with the whole family

With the FollowMe Tandem Clutch, you can cycle with your child and your cone, and you can easily cross even heavily trafficked roads. They are always on the road safely at all times and uncouple the tandem clutch in no time at all. Children are quickly and safely introduced to independent cycling and have a lot of fun. The clutch is not limited to individual wheel sizes and can therefore also be used when the children grow older.
Installation is quick and easy

Assembly of the driving aid is child's play. You prepare the assembly once by attaching the hub and brackets to the adult and children's bikes. At the parent's wheel this is done in a matter of seconds by means of quick-release clamps. All you need on the child's bike is a clamp on the down tube. The clamp fits all shapes and designs. The wheels are then connected to each other without tools. Children's trailer coupling or wheel stands do not represent an obstacle.

FollowMe is compact and easy to store

The clutch is quickly removed from the bicycle and can be folded away in wind-ropes. The FollowMe tandem coupling can be hung comfortably from the saddle or luggage carrier by means of snap hooks. In no time at all, a tandem becomes a conventional bicycle that can also be used in everyday life such as shopping. At no time are you restricted by a second child seat or shopping bag on the carrier. So you can do the shopping on your own or have your child docked to your own bike in a few seconds.

Safety is a top priority with the FollowMe tandem hitch

The hub-height suspension is attached at two points and provides safety, stability and driving comfort. As with conventional fixation points on the seat post, leverage cannot occur. With the FollowMe coupling you have a safe and space-saving leisure device, which can also be used perfectly in everyday life. It is perfectly stowable in the car, cellar or train. Children from 3-9 years old are suitable for a ride. The quick-release wheel mount allows mounting on all types of adult bicycles such as city, racing and touring bikes. Adapters are available for wheels with wheel hub gearshift or full axle.